RVA Street Singers

RVA Street Singers is a community choir for people affected by homelessness and allies in the Greater Richmond Region. This choir is a partnership between Second Presbyterian Church, VCU Department of Music, and VCU School of Social Work. Originating within a cross-disciplinary “Music and Social Justice” service-learning course at VCU, the choir was led by the late Rebecca Tyree, Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education in the Department of Music, with support from Cameron Carter, Associate Professor in Teaching at the School of Social Work. RVA Street Singers builds cultural competency skills among participating students, who develop an understanding and critical analysis of factors affecting individuals experiencing homelessness. The choir also provides a safe space for creative expression and community building, fostering a general sense of positivity, acceptance and wellbeing among members. The choir will continue on under new leadership this fall.

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Faculty Members

Cameron Carter, MSW - VCU School of Social Work VCU School of the Arts, Department of Music Second Presbyterian Church

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