Made in Church Hill

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Church Hill, one of Richmond’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods, is in the midst of a profound transformation. Often described as up-and-coming and cool, it is also a place whose ethnic, racial, and economic composition has changed drastically over the last century. Through image, word, and sound, Made in Church Hill expressed this community’s transformation, as experienced by the people who live and work there.

The exhibition began as a collaboration among students, faculty, and staff from University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT) and its Academy, and the Valentine.

Throughout fall of 2014, two university classes worked with students from the Academy. Together, the students gained skills to realize their own creative ambitions as they captured residents’ stories. They conducted oral history interviews and made portraits of residents and church members, many of whom live in North Church Hill, as well as others who are involved in the larger Church Hill community; they organized community events and engaged with each other to learn more about the neighborhood and its history.

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Faculty Members

  • Traci Garland, Adjunct Professor of Art History at VCU
  • Michael Lease, Adjunct Professor of Photography at VCU
  • Laura Browder, Tyler and Alice Haynes Professor of American Studies at the University of Richmond
  • Patricia Herrera, Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of Richmond
  • Lynda P. Kachurek, Head of Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Richmond

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