Richmond has been increasingly recognized as a healthy city with awards for being a Best City for Healthy Aging, a Runner Friendly Community, Playful City, and multiple recognitions as a “top place to live” (City of Richmond).

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There have been recent trends in positive health outcomes, such as a decrease in teen pregnancy (VDH) and infant mortality (VDH). And the region has taken great strides to become versed in trauma-informed care (ChildSavers). The Richmond region has an abundance of acute care providers. services, with three major health systems in the area, and a well established safety-net network of free and income based health clinics and centers (Va Health Foundation). At the same time, when compared to the 500 largest cities in the US, Richmond faces high rates of obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, poor dental health, adults with asthma, adults who smoke, and insufficient sleep (BeHealthyRVA). In terms of access to care, over 20% of adults in Richmond do not have any kind of health insurance coverage. Fewer than half of Richmond residents have visited a dentist in the past year (BeHealthyRVA). Additionally, local community stakeholders most often identified the issues as children’s health concerns: asthma; developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities, high risk pregnancies; poor birth outcomes, behavioral health conditions, dental/oral health, tobacco use, and crime/violence (CHoR CHNA). Many of these health conditions are tightly linked to social determinants of health. In addition to the social determinants of health described on this website, 40% of children in Richmond City live in poverty (US Census) and 22% of residents don’t know where their next meal is coming from (Feeding America). Additionally, almost 22% of adults over age 75 in RVA live in poverty and face inadequate social support (United Way Indicators of Community Strength/Age Wave Report).

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Improving the Lives of LGBTQ+ Young Richmonders of Color: Post- Traumatic Healing and Wellness Through Community-Based Participatory Research

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VCU’s Richmond Wellness and Health Program

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