The vitality of our region rests in large part on the quality of the educational opportunities it provides. From early childhood education through higher education, a strong educational pipeline builds our workforce and our democracy. 

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The strength of our region’s economic and civic communities depend on sustained collaboration across sectors to tackle tough problems that can block educational success for some of our residents. Bridging Richmond is such a collaboration that identifies best practices and focuses on measuring what matters in the City of Richmond. Bridging Richmond engages organizations in improvement projects in areas where they can have high impact. In the process of creating partnerships across regional institutions from Richmond’s education, business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic sectors, the community can maximize its investment in educational outcomes.
Richmond has a complex history of education.
In 2016, only 60% of Richmond Public School students were reading proficient.
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Innovation in education is alive and well in Richmond.
Learn about the variety of higher education institutions in Richmond.
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College - Established in 1972, J. Sargeant Reynolds operates three campuses and annually serves over 20,000 students. The college currently offers two-year occupational/technical programs, transfer programs and career studies certificate programs requiring less than one-year of full-time study.
  • University of Richmond - Established in 1840 as a seminary, the University of Richmond is located 6 miles west of downtown Richmond on a 350 acre campus. The university annually enrolls approximately 3,500 students and offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University - Virginia Commonwealth University was created in 1968 when the Virginia General Assembly merged the Medical College of Virginia (founded in 1838) and the Richmond Professional Institute (founded In 1917). VCU operates an academic and a medical campus in downtown Richmond and annually enrolls approximately 31,000 students.
  • Virginia Union University - Virginia Union University, one of 107 historic black colleges and universities in the country, was founded in 1865 to give newly emancipated slaves an opportunity for education and advancement. The university enrolls approximately 1,500 students each year and is located on a 100 acre campus in the Northside area of Richmond.

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  Education for adult learners is important too. Consider volunteering with organizations that educate adult learners such as the Richmond Alternative SchoolThe Read Center, and Sacred Heart Center.

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