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Between 2008 and 2014, the economic impact of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts more than doubled, totalling $145.1 million in 2014. This growth is reflective of the Richmond region’s increasing commitment to arts experiences that celebrate Richmond’s diverse cultural expression.

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Many museums, events, and programs around the city demonstrate Richmond’s commitment to–and passion for–arts and culture. As the city begins to establish itself as a creative city home to murals and tattoo parlors, many organizations are considering ways to incorporate the arts into civic engagement and revitalization efforts. Richmond uses the arts to bring together diverse community members, through exhibitions, festivals, performances, and more.

The city recently drafted its first Public Art plan with the vision statement: “Through public art, Richmond will acknowledge a rich and complex past, celebrate a unique culture and natural beauty, enhance neighborhood identity, and engage the creative community.”

The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom was enacted in 1786, making Virginia the first of the British colonies to legalize the freedom of religion.

Today, Richmond is home to several active interfaith community groups including Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, and the Virginia Interfaith Center. These groups are working to promote dialogue between religious groups.

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Arts and Culture

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